The Mission

People are starting to realize that their jobs alone are not going to provide them with the lifestyles that they truly desire. At a job, you trade your time for money​.  Most companies pay just enough to get the maximum value out of you for the paycheck​. Often, employees work just hard enough not to lose the job​. As soon as the company finds someone who can do it faster or cheaper, loyalty is out the window and you become replaceable​.

People are understanding that they must take control of their own financial future​. The mental turning point happens when someone realizes that their situation will not improve itself. The good news is that there is a better way​. It's just different than what tradition has taught us.

Through leverage, we teach busy professionals a modern approach to entrepreneurship starting with as little as 5-10 hours per week while learning to grow their business to a larger significance​.

How I Arrived Here

I have truly enjoyed the careers I’ve had over the years. From working in human resources and business development at Yale University to sales and marketing at Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi and Mercedes. I’ve liaised with fortune 500 companies, led sales teams, facilitated marketing strategies and developed sales training to increase exposure and revenue for  multiple brands and organizations. I’ve worked alongside great people on a lot of successful projects.

Then one day I realized that I could be doing the same things to build a business of my own. A company of my own. A legacy of my own. Something that I could pass on to my family.

The challenge I had was the barrier to entry. I was already working a full-time career and had limited time. Most businesses require huge amounts of time and a large financial investment. Planning, research, development, office space, equipment, supplies, communications, utilities, permits, insurance, licenses, accountants, attorneys, employees, advertising, marketing, website, etc. There are a lot of moving parts to starting and operating a business.

I researched alternative paths to entrepreneurship and that’s when I backed into network marketing. It was very similar to purchasing a franchise. However, it didn’t require equipment, permits or insurance. It didn’t require employees or office space. Startup costs averaged under $500 and the schedule was super flexible. This was just what I needed. 

Working part-time, I grew my first network marketing business to over 500 customers within five months. This was done part-time while working a full-time job.  

Why My Story Is Important

We all have unique abilities. We all have our strengths. Every day, millions of people go to work and use their talents and skills to build someone else’s business. What if you could take a few hours per week and use YOUR skills to build YOUR business?  

Layoffs. Organizational restructuring. Terminations. Renegotiated pay plans. Reduction of benefit packages. Mergers and acquisitions. There are a lot of factors that can impact someone’s career path that are out of their control.

Many people feel like I did. They are uneasy and are looking for a another way. A better way. The good news is that there is a better way. It’s just different than what most people are taught. 

What I Can Share With You

I don’t pretend to be a guru or a guy that knows it all. However, with over twenty years of business development and marketing experience, I can give you insight on how to successfully launch and grow your network marketing business. Over the years, I’ve had great mentors that have given me clear guidance on what it takes to build a solid business. My goal is to share the same with you.

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For Sales Professionals

Launch & Grow Your Business

Launch & Grow Your Business


Sales can be very rewarding. However, it requires a huge exchange of time for money. What if there was another way?

Launch & Grow Your Business

Launch & Grow Your Business

Launch & Grow Your Business


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